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Jai Shree Vinayak Golden Art Emporium, Nathdwara or Vinayak Golden Art, Nathdwara was established in the year 1970 to contribute towards rich indian heritage of paintings specially in Golden Art. From time immemorial inidan artists have mesmerised the world with their miniature creations.

 We are proud to showcase to the World one of the largest and most comprehensive Collection of this India Art and Artefacts. Enjoy the wonderful talent of the artists working with us, which reflects their love to god and a culture of India religion which is timeless.

We constantly update the products list and pictures, so please visit the site frequently or email us direct for specific information on particular product.
Vinayak Golden Art avenue through which collectors and art lovers both within India and Internationally are able to view our work and artefacts which we present in our Gallery on the website, at our workplace and many exibitions in India.

We are located at Shrinathji (Shri Nathdwara).  Shrinathji (Shri Nathdwara) is a very beautiful part of Rajasthan, India (now World Heritage listed) just one of the attractions which make the trouriests attract to Indian religions and Gods.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality Authentic Golden Art and artefacts at realistic prices. Our provenance is exceptional, and our guarantee of total satisfaction paramount.

About Shrinathji:
Shrinathji is a deity form of Krishna situated in the temple town of Nathdwara near Udaipur in Rajasthan, and is the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect known as Pushti Marg or Shuddhadvaita, established by Sri Vallabhacharya. Shrinathji specifically refers to the story in the Bhagavata Purana wherein Krishna lifts Govardhan hill to protect the inhabitants of Vrindawan from a downpour of rain sent by Indra (king of Swarg/ king of the devas).

Krishna in his form of Sri Nathji is also worshipped throughout India by followers of Bhakti Yoga and the Vaishnava traditions, especially within Gujarat. The town of Nathdwara itself is often referred to as 'Shrinathji', after the famous deity. Later in history during the 18th century, the Gaudiya sampradaya authors mentioned that a sage Madhavendra Puri rediscovered this Gopala deity near its first location at Govardhana in Vrindavana
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